Panchlait movie review: Dark drama revolves around villagers life without electricity

Panchlait movie review: Dark drama revolves around villagers life without electricity

Panchlait Bollywood movie is based on the story of Phanishwar Nath Renu and directed by Prem Prakash Modi. It is a kind of dark drama which takes the audiences through the village entertainment. It stars Nayna Bandhopadhyay, Punya Darshan Gupta and Uma Basu in the lead roles. The movie set in the era of 1950’s and 1960’s on the small village of North India that has no electricity. And people live their lives in the darkness. This movie takes everyone to the past years when India is in the underdeveloping stage. It is dark comedy movie that takes audiences through the ups and downs of villagers life.

The plot of the movie starts from the scene of North India small village where people living in the darkness with no light, engaged in their own sorrows and joys. And the movie portrays the life of Godhan who belongs to the Mahato Tola of the village and was falsely accused by Munri’s mother for singing inappropriate Hindi songs for Munri. And it revolves around the lightning issue in Mahato tola. The twist in the movie comes after the first half when tola decides to celebrate by bringing in their own panchlight. And sarpanch realises that only Godhan knows how to light the petromax. So, keeping aside his ego, Sarpanch asked Godhan to bring light to the village. Later on, Godhan became the hero for the villagers.

This movie shows how Panchlight plays an integral part for the people of the villagers. However, light up the Petromax in villages has become superstitions for the villagers. Overall it is a good movie which depicts the difficulties of the villagers.

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