Padmavati to be finally certified by CBFC but some conditions apply!

Padmavati to be finally certified by CBFC but some conditions apply!
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Padmavati might actually get a release in the cinema if CBFC certifies it under some conditions that they have put up. CBFC wants makers to change the name of the film as they can’t directly address this film as the story of Rani Padmini otherwise Karni sena would definitely protest against it. Clearly, the decision CBFC is making considers the socio-political climate of the country regarding the film and they are not sticking by their artistic guns that should be provided to a film maker. Instead of one, CBFC wants to put 2 disclaimer in the film, one at the beginning and one during interval. Maybe this is the first film to have disclaimers, one more hat in the rack of sad records made by Padmavati before the release only.

The supreme CBFC has demanded not one but 26 cuts in a film before they even consider of censoring it. Sanjay Bhansali film never has any nudity, foul language and disruptive violence and similar must be the case with Padmavati hence one wonders what CBFC wants to cut of that film. 26 cuts can damage a film irrevocably and can be responsible for putting the entire film in artistic jeopardy. Audience who has come in to see the film doesnot care if CBFC has cut the film or Bhansali, they are getting what’s right in front of them and if the film is messed up substantially than everyone will blame Bhansali for no fault of his.

Even after all the conditions are met to CBFC’s expectations, there will be another round of meeting and screening before they green light the film to run in cinemas. Everybody blamed Pahlaj Nihalani for his false practices and ignorant attitude towards cinema and they hoped that Prasoon Joshi will bring in some light of hope. CBFC is at it’s worst right now under Joshi and nobody knows who to blame because if read between the lines there is some other machinery driving the whole organisation with certain political agendas.

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