Padmavati controversy: Supreme Court dismisses plea seeking stay on release

Padmavati controversy: Supreme Court dismisses plea seeking stay on release

Update: After Supreme Court’s advice to the Chief Ministers and people in power to avoid commenting on the movie before the CBFC releases its certification, Nitesh Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar has banned the movie until the differences among the parties are resolved amicably.

Supreme Court has again dismissed Manohar Lal Sharma’s plea to seek the stay on the release of the controversial movie Padmavati. It has also asked why the BJP chief Ministers have banned the movie even before its clearance from the CBFC board, stating “When matter is pending for the CBFC’s consideration, how can persons holding public offices comment on whether CBFC should issue certificate or not? It’ll prejudice the decision made by CBFC.” The High Court had also dismissed a petition asking for the stay on the release of the movie, citing it as misguided and hopeless, and asking if the persons wanted to instigate violence in the country.

Padmavati has been banned by four states, Uttar Pradesh, Madhay Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan. But it now seems that the supreme court has condemned the ban on the movie, since it is yet to be certified by the CBFC board and any restrictions made on it, prior to watching it is against the rule of law.

Manohar Lal Sharma, who was previously involved in the Nirbhaya case, and had defended the accused men, had also filed a petition seeking actions to be taken against the director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali. It should be noted that Manohar has not watched the movie.

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