Padmavati Controversy: Lok Sabha asks CBFC to submit report by 30 November

Padmavati Controversy: Lok Sabha asks CBFC to submit report by 30 November
Written by Abhishek Rana

Lok Sabha has now asked the CBFC and Information and Broadcast ministry to present a report on the movie Padmavati, by 30 November 2017. This will put significant pressure on the board, since it has yet to see the movie and wanted to go through all the steps and processes first. The movie has become embroiled in a nation wide protest by Karni Sena who are now calling for a total ban on it, on the grounds that it features objectionable content that could mar the image of the Queen Padmavati. However, director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the production company, actress Deepika Padukone have told the public that the movie doesn’t have any offensive scenes. It should be noted that no official member of Karni Sena has yet seen the movie, and are just reacting against the song Ghoomar, which was released in November, and showcases Queen Padmavati dancing in front of her husband and other women.

The Karni Sena has accused Bhansali of distorting the facts about Padmavati and have threatened violence against him and the actress. However, people who have seen the movie have already said that there is nothing offensive in the movie, and it actually glorifies the Rajputs. India has become a divided country over the issue of freedom of expression and the right to be offended by a movie no one has yet watched. The Production company Viacom, recently pushed the release of the movie indefinitely because it couldn’t get certification from CBFC.

International media has also covered the issue of bounties over Deepika Padukone’s head, and many have questioned the silence of the authorial voices on the matter, when people are getting targeted with violence and hate.

The movie has been banned in Madhya Pradesh, even though no one can officially ban it before the decision of CBFC.

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