Padmavat received 300 cuts from Censor Board?

Padmavat received 300 cuts from Censor Board?

Padmavat “i”/ Padmavat had a long struggle with the censor board for more than a month with intense scrutiny and than finally it got cleared with U/A certificate. Censor asked makers to change the name of the film because apparently this film can not be inspired by real incidents as some radical group from Rajasthan will burn the theaters down as they have already in the past. Now, Padmavati was based entirely on the sufi poetry of Malik Mohammad Jayasi by the name of Padmavat and hence the “I” was dropped and film is also called Padmavat.

Before clearing the film Censor board suggested some more changes in the film like putting additional disclaimers but apparently the film has more than 300 cuts in it, something which did not even happen during the dark times of Pahlaj Nihalani. Makers were asked to beep out the original city references such as Delhi, Chittorgarh and a few more which after addition will sum up to be somewhere around 300 small cuts. The news is yet not confirmed by the makers of the film as apparently editing team of the film is all bungled up in fixing these cuts that are many in number before the grand release on 25 January.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is known for his perfection and calls his films Taj Mahal as he wants them exactly the way he does. Makers of Padmavat are getting bullied left, right and center by government, center and violent protestants. Even after Censor clearing the film, Rajasthan government has put a ban on the film in their state and by their own admission they would not let it release in the region. Fate of Padmavat was doomed since the day Bhansali got slapped and assaulted with some of his crew in Rajasthan. The myths behind Padmavat will be unveiled on 25 January 2018.

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