Padman and PVR collaborate to give exclusive women shows of the film

Padman and PVR collaborate to give exclusive women shows of the film
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Padman as a film, very specifically talks about an issue called periods which is only related to women and sanitary pads also have nothing to do with men. Keeping in this mind dealing exhibitor of India PVR decided to come up with this marketing campaign in order to promote the film and organised exclusive women shows from 12-15 February in many PVR cinemas all over the country. The women specific shows were already there on Wednesday’s in PVR for the most important release of the week but for Padman shows are organised from Monday-Thursday.

Many PVR cinemas in the country would be contributing their auditoriums for women specific shows at different times of the day. Padman as a film celebrates the spirit of women but the story is essentially about a man trying to invent a machine that would make cheap price sanitary napkins for women and as a matter of fact it’s the men who need to learn the concept of periods properly as they are the ones making it a taboo, women already know what happens to them and the gravity of the situation hence this policy is quite understandable.

PVR came up with this women specific shows concept a while ago though the reason of which is parallel to nothing because if the multiplex chain is trying to say that watching films with men is not safe for women than this concept is quite out of mind. If PVR is trying to convey a message that should situation goes south they don’t have security enough for women so they should watch the films in an audi where there are nothing but women. Moreover constructing a film watching auditorium is different than constructing a toilet or clothes changing room which are suppose to be gender specific. Storytelling is for all people to go through a gambit of emotions together as a community instead of creating a divide.

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