Padman audience review: Akshay Kumar gets best word of mouth of his career

Padman audience review: Akshay Kumar gets best word of mouth of his career

Akshay Kumar and Radhika Apte starrer Padman released to a decent opening but crowd will gather up in time to come as word of mouth around this film is phenomenal. In last few years Akshay started blending credibility with his commercial cinema and the result of which is a fine film like Padman. Akshay’s last film Toilet Ek Prem Katha had good content and banked huge box office as well but it was criticized for being an agenda setting film for a political party as it missed some serious potholes in the system.

Padman, as a work of art is not leftist or rightist but sticks to the point and tries to show as much reality as an exaggerated medium of fiction cinema can which is why audience is applauding this honest effort. Akshay embodies the character of a man who is struggling to bring something as basic as a sanitary pad in the lives of women who don’t use it. Clarity of his performance and spirit of a real life character is something that made Padman standout in the string of good films from Akshay’s house.

Makers of the film have not compromised on any detail of why a pad is important for the ladies and decided to really showcase the topic in best light. In Hindi cinema, a male superstar is recognized by his masculinity but Akshay actually tried to wore a sanitary pad in one of the scenes in order to see how it fits and this is something Indian audience has never seen on screen. As an actor Akshay went all out in this role and broke every stereotype someone may have about a male actor in Hindi cinema or use of sanitary pad in general. Padman might not be Akshay’s biggest hit but he sure can be proud of this work of art.

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