Padmaavat streamed live on Facebook!!

Padmaavat streamed live on Facebook!!
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

The difficulties of Sanjay Bhansali directorial Padmaavat are rapid and more frequent than a heartbeat. After a very long haul this saga got a release and someone live streamed the picture from the theater during preview shows on Wednesday onto a Facebook page. Since Padmaavat is one of the most awaited film of all time, over 15,000 people smartly shared that link on Facebook and it got as much as 3.5 lac eyeballs in the matter of minutes. According to average multiplex prices, if 3.5 lac people went to see Padmaavat in theater than it would earn about 6 crores at least.

Now, if that many people saw the film in this open online piracy than the film will certainly bear huge loss especially when it is not even getting a clean release in most of North and Central India because of constant radical and violent protests by some or the other group. It is amazing how someone can commit legitimate crime in the name of this film and absolutely no government or elected authority is ready to take an action against them. Film has garnered one of the finest reviews in the history of Indian cinema from audience and critics, which is a tremendous rarity.

Padmaavat has been the victim of nation’s violent protests for about 2 straight months and last thing it needs is plain old piracy but online where so many people saw it as if a new president got elected in United Sates throwing Donald Trump out of white house. Film is made on the phenomenal budget of  200 crores and states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Bihar are not giving space for the film to be showcased in all it’s grandeur. Despite of permission from Supreme court and Censor Board of India, film is an extremely fractured release and even trade analyst can’t predict what the actual collections will turn out to be.

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