Padmaavat: Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh move Supreme Court to ban movie

Padmaavat: Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh move Supreme Court to ban movie

Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh have moved the Supreme Court to ban the controversial movie, Padmaavat. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the plea tomorrow, as the movie is scheduled to be released on January 25 worldwide. The states have claimed that the Cinematography Act empowers them to ban a movie on the grounds of Law and Order. Such a statement, however, flies in the face of the decision that was given by apex court few days ago, in which it restricted any state to impose a ban on the movie and told the states to provide sufficient security to the people who want to watch the movies in the theaters.

In Gujarat, the major theater chains have refused to screen the movie, saying that they won’t bear the loss that could be incurred if the movie is screened and the goons decide to attack the theaters. There have already been many reports where goons, who are now working as the part of the fringe group, Karni Sena are freely announcing threats to burn Deepika Padukone, who plays Padmavati, alive, vandalizing theaters, talking about bombing cinemas and other violent actions toward the owners of the screens and the audiences.

According to the Karni Sena, the movie distorts the Rajput history and also showcases Rani Padmini in a bad light. All these accusations, however, have been refuted, not only by the makers but many people from the media who have watched the movie. There have been several pre-screeing for the reporters, and most of them have tweeted in the support of the movie, calling it a glorification of Rajputi history in which Padmavati is treated a goddess.

The states that are still indignant to ban the movie have been criticized for bowing down to the fringe groups, and their inability to safe-guard the people who want to watch the movie. Women from some Rajputi communities have threatened to commit Jauhar if the movie is released, while others have said that Sanajy Leela Bhansali should be burned instead. And while there has been action taken against some people, the goons have yet to experience the full throttle of police authorities.

Haryana’s Chief Minsiter, Manohar Lal Khattar, whose government banned the movie, has now said that he will obey the decision of the Supreme Court, and if the theaters refuse to screen the movie, then its good, but if they allow the screening, they will be provided security against any protesting goons.

All the controversy, however, has done little to dim the excitement of the movie, as the ticket bookings for the preview screening of the movie on January 24 have sold out in many theaters, and people are eager to see it. The reports from the initial screening of the movie is also highly positive, especially towards Deepika Padukone’s performance.

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