Padmaavat box office: Film holds the ground against Padman

Padmaavat box office: Film holds the ground against Padman

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s directorial epic Padmaavat has broken most of the box office barriers because word of mouth around the film is extraordinary. In it’s third week film managed to garner 3.25 crores on the Friday but escalated phenomenally on Saturday and banked 6.50 crores nett. Akshay Kumar starrer Padman is quite a wide release with more than alright business on the box office but spectators of Padmaavat are not getting dialed down at all and business is on the continue rise which shall stay for next 4 days at least till Aiyaary and Black Panther comes out.

As of yet Padmaavat has made more than 470 crores worldwide against the budget of 200 crores (roughly) which makes the film a superhit as far as return to investment is concerned but broadly speaking this film is a out and out blockbuster and a classic as well which does not happen with most of the films. In India, Padmaavat will certainly end up doing 250 crores if not more in terms of lifetime collection and overseas record breaking streak has not ended which will definitely take the film to a grand total of 500 crores beating most of the Hindi films.

Collections are so high despite of the fact that film did not open in 4 major states of India namely Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Goa. Film missed out on close to 1000 theaters which would have increased the overall collection of the film by at least 30 crores but none the less foreign markets worked wonderfully for the film as it had global news coverage after the controversy which must have triggered the curiosity level in people to figure out why is this film so objectionable where it has nothing wrong in it as far as Rajput pride and valor is concerned and in contradiction film promotes the Rajput king of that time over Allaudin Khilji.

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