Padmaavat box office: Biggest opening ever for Ranveer Singh

Padmaavat box office: Biggest opening ever for Ranveer Singh

Padmaavat has cash registers earning as trade has expected it to be for a long time despite of prevailing disturbances and a fractured release. All things consider Padmaavat is biggest opening day ever for any film Ranveer Singh has been a part of. Though Ranveer is not the protagonist but he is certainly the main attraction of the film with his beyond phenomenal performance. On the preview evening of wednesday Padmaavat managed to grab 5 crore from the states it managed to get a proper release in.

On Thursday (release day) Padmaavat earned a gigantic total of 19 crores, where it could have easily gone up to 30 crores if the violent protests against the film was not happening. Most of the multiplexes have really tight security inside the cinema halls with excess number of police, which is a reason why people must be a little scared to go and watch the film even in the states where it is released in a uni-formative way. Biggest Ranveer Singh opening before this was Ramleela with 15.62 crores and film managed to grab more than 100 crores lifetime on box office.

Ranveer’s last outing with Bhansali by the name of Bajirao Mastani had a mild opening of 13 odd crores because of it’s clash with Shahrukh Khan starrer Dilwale. Despite of a slow start film managed to earn somewhere in the ball park of 200 crores on the box office. Padmaavat is getting insanely generous reviews and reports from all over including critics and audiences all over the world hence the collections are bound to go up. Padmaavatcould have certainly have been one of the biggest hits of all time in the history of Hindi cinema if it was not for the fractured release as the film has literally not opened in about 4 major states of this country and it looks like that it never will.

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