Padmaavat banned in Gujarat after Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh

Padmaavat banned in Gujarat after Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Things are going bad by the day when it comes to Sanjay Bhansali directorial epic drama Padmaavat. The film was already banned by 2 states, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh namely and now state of Gujarat has also decided to ban the film upon it’s release. On one hand CBFC has cleared the film with an U/A Certificate to make sure it gets a wide release and several Indian states are banning this 200 crore giant audio visual production over breakfast. Some Karni Sena members are found protesting outside Censor Board of Film Certification office in order to put a permanent ban on the release.

This film has taken some unbelievable political turns as Rajput vote bank is very big in this country and that’s precisely why Vasundhara Raje banned the film in Rajasthan so that she can secure Rajput votes in next election. Rajput population is quite pre-dominant in Gujarat and hence the film got banned there as well. Absolutely no one but CBFC thought of fundamental human right of freedom of expression and governments are playing politics in the name of this film as they have over corpses for 70 odd years.

When a film clears all it’s legal dues than it has the right to release and Karni Sena, who so badly want the film to be banned have never even seen it. Nobody but the makers know the actual content of the film and if it is putting any caste in the misery apart from the fact that this film is now a pure work of fiction. A 200 crore film needs all the screens in this country to recover the budget and Padmaavat has the hype to fill the theaters housefull but by getting banned so frequently the film will see the loss of 40 crores to say the least in lifetime collection which can not be a good sign for the makers.

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