Padmaavat: Advance booking for paid previews begins all across the nation

Padmaavat: Advance booking for paid previews begins all across the nation
Written by Abhishek Rana

Padmaavat is perhaps the most controversial movie of the year. As it has suffered delays, death threats and survived bans in multiple states, even though they’ve been dismissed by the Supreme Court. Karni Sena is not backing down from the protests, calling out for bharat bandh and violence, even the elected politicians like BJP’s MLA Raja Singh are trying to incite violence. But, it seems that even after all this, the spirit and enthusiasm for the movie in the general audience and the fans of Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor has not wavered or lessened one bit. The advance booking for Padmaavat’s pre paid previews has begun and people are rushing to the sites to buy the tickets in the rush and see the movie’s first show.

As the reports of the paid previews began the fans and general audiences began to spread the word about the tickets, and soon, the seats began to fill in. In some areas, the shows were sold in matter of minutes, while in others people had already claimed the best seats. So, it turns out that even death threats can’t scare people when they decide to do something and as the Supreme Court has said, it is the state’s responsibility to keep the safety of the people first and keep the goons in control.

No one can predict the environment on the 25th January when the movie finally comes out, but Delhi police chief spokesperson has assured that they will maintain high security in all of the theaters in Delhi. Whereas, in Gujarat, afraid of the goons and that they won’t be provided with security, the theater owners have declined to play the movie at all, thus affirming the faith in the goons and their threat of violence.

Even outside India, Paadmavat has been slowly gathering  attention, and in places like Sri Lanka, the seats have been sold out until mid-February. The reason for the paid preview release seems that the makers have confidence over their movie and want the positive word to spread on social media so that more people will go watch the movie in the theater on 25. Additionally, the three small promos that had been released yesterday were met with overwhelming positive reaction, with Deepika’s performance in some crucial scene snippets, and Ranveer Singh’s portrayal of Khilji receiving praises.

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