Paddington 2 movie review: Third time might be the charm

Paddington 2 movie review: Third time might be the charm

Paddington 2 is here and the adventures are set in London this time. Paddington is one of the most beloved animation films of all time and usually people don’t prefer the second part of a very beloved film unless Marvel. The budgets are clearly higher than the first one as it was a big hit but that’s not what’s going to help the film. Paddington as a character was loved by the audience because it was inherently very good and there was not an inch of malice in him which is mostly the case animated films as they are primarily for children.

To repeat the exact same trait of goodness is not the best idea as there is not much to explore in a positive character. So, sequels are given some really hardcore villains as a dark guy has a lot of substance in him and is highly unpredictable. Paddington 2 refuses to accept this technique of screenplay but brings nothing new to contemplate on the table as well. Hugh Bonneville’s performance is quite gripping considering the role is not essentially meaty. Ben Whishaw as Paddington’s voice is quite good with comic timing but humor presented in the film is so dumb down that it will appeal to an eight year old.

To their credit, VFX team has increased their abilities in order to make the film bigger and more dream like in terms of the world generated. It’s hard to tell if certain scenes in the film are done on a green screen or real location. VFX team has been able to merge the line between London and Paddington’s London, it clearly isn’t as polluted. Film can be a treat for the eye of a children just for it’s beautiful looking shots but it certainly isn’t groundbreaking. overall Paddington could be a one time watch if your kid is really insisting.

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