Pacific Rim Uprising movie review: John Boyega seems to enjoy playtime at work

Pacific Rim Uprising movie review: John Boyega seems to enjoy playtime at work

Pacific Rim Uprising is a sequel to 2013 ‘Pacific Rim’ which was directed by Guillermo Del Toro. Perhaps nobody really asked for this sequel but the bank where studio deposits their money. In the effort of creating one more franchise with the likes of Star Wars, Star Trek and Indiana Jones people have committed serious mistakes they have jeopardize their creativity. Studios seem to forget that all the franchises mentioned above have been up and running for more than 4 decades and the reason to which is not the technological marvels or extreme scale, it’s the heart.

Franchises live for as long as they may with audience’s interest in the characters furthermore the activities. Character needs to go home with the audience and than the big visual effect magnum opus starts to flourish on screen. Del Toro is rightfully known to create monsters and beings that do not exist as he did with Pacific Rim. Too bad for the studio that they could not get him back as he recently won an academy award for creating a man fish in his film ‘The Shape of Water’. Film was not a big cult in the first place but few more attempts are deserved by anything that could be called as a sequel.

John Boyega, who is widely known for his character Finn in the Star Wars is leading the cast ten years after the events of the first one. John go the taste of most successful franchise of the world but perhaps it is time to see the other side of plateau which really goes downwards. There is not a soul searching and method in these characters because half the time it is just computer generated imagery in the film hence an actor is hired to do many scenes instead of a character performance. Overall this one can certainly be avoided in however many installments it comes with.

Pacific Rim Uprising movie review

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