Big Boss Tamil : Oviya leaves show Know Why and How

Big Boss Tamil : Oviya leaves  show Know Why and How

The big boss Tamil, which gained a lot of popularity over night after the contestant Oviya, who was getting maximum votes and appreciation from her fans because of her positive attitude. The drama, named romance between Oviya and Aarav, has been going great from quite a time. But the last episode of Fridays changed the whole climax of the show.

Oviya, the positive contestant claims of her ill mental state. And was urging the Big Boss to leave the show. And soon it happened. Friday, when Oviya, told the big boss of the need of professional help, soon then jumped into the swimming pool. With her nose closed and face dipped in water. The other contestants soon saw her and rescued her from the danger.

Oviya has always shown mood swings in the show but this time it took her to the different level. After her aired connection with Aarav in the show, she felt a little side back, when Aarav confesses the whole thing with Snehan, the mediator between them, that ‘I just treat her like my good friend. As far feelings are concerned, I hardly have any’. The whole thing shook Oviya in distress and this made her leave the show. Also on Friday, the show left the audience without giving the ‘Precap’. Today’s show will be exciting to watch Oviya, having a word with the host, Kamal Hassan, as posted by Ramesh Bhala on his twitter account.


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