Oscars 2018: Emma Stone is getting slammed for her shade during Best director announcement

It seems like not everyone was impressed by Emma Stone’s shade during the Best director announcement, as she presented the award and said, “These four men and Greta Gerwig created their own masterpieces this year.” While some thought that the comment was an essential moment of truth and an opportunity to show the world the importance of female directors in a male dominated film industry, others have taken the issue with it, pointing out that even though Emma did highlight the woman from the bunch, she forgot that the nominees included two men of color in an industry that is again dominated by white men.

They also stated that Emma had taken a whitewashed role in Aloha, in which played a multicultural native Hawaiian woman. Others said that the comment was unnecessary since the category was diverse and it had been made in other award shows earlier. Emma Stone, who won the Oscar last year, for La La Land, is considered one of the best actress’ of her generation and starred in Battle of the sexes last year, in which her performance was critically acclaimed.

But, even if she has recieved criticism from people on twitter, many others were appreciating of her words and tweeted their praises for her. The Hollywood award season has been mired in controversies of the Me too movement and calls for a diverse industry that should be more inclusive to POCs and women.








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