Oldest supernova found in Kashmir in a rock art

Oldest supernova found in Kashmir in a rock art
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Supernova is a phenomenon which occurs when a star explodes in the sky and due to the extreme brightness one might consider the presence of another star like sun. If the supernova phenomenon happened today than a world full of astronomers would get around it and through the telescope they will be able to see and record literally everything a human can and can not see. A rock art made in 3600 BC is found in Kashmir which depicts supernova in the sky as there are more than light emitting object in the sky.

Though it is extremely difficult to depict the exact time of a rock art but Mayank Vahia and his team of other Astrophysicist from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research had a very clear starting point. The place in which Vahia and his team found the rock art is more or less abandoned part of Kashmir and archaeologists have declared that house from 2100 BC already. The oldest infrastructure in that place is dated to be around 4700 BC hence the rock art could only belong to a time period between that. After narrowing down the history to a time period Vahia started his research and figured out the exact period of time.

If that supernova articulation is the exact depiction of reality of that time than early men or tribals would have been frightened to suddenly see one extra star in the sky all of a sudden. Since they could not arrive on a logic or reasoning of their miracle the only way to keep the magic and transfer it from generation to generation was to put it in a form of art however intangible it might be. Astrophysicist are contemplating quite a supernova in that sky as it almost matches the size of sun drawn there but an artist always had an imagination.

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