Okka Kshanam movie review: Allu Sirish takes a routine dig on Telugu cinema

Okka Kshanam movie review: Allu Sirish takes a routine dig on Telugu cinema
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Time as a physical amenity is progressive and with it flows thoughts and ideas but for some people time has stood still and they can not move on and learn. Makers of Okka Kshanam are one such people who absolutely can not get over the stereotypical structure of a Telugu film. Despite of the fact that films like Baahubali and Arjun Reddy have garnered cult status in the world the caricature peripherals of Telugu storytelling is not ready to be seen in a different light. Okka Kshanam is a science/fiction thriller love story action as film-makers wanted to make sure they leave absolutely no audience behind.

Plot of the film is so bizarre that it committed suicide in many other films who have used it before. A boy in the film saying that i will fight fate, destiny and even love to get my girl are the lines written about 400 years ago in literature and how could someone still believe it to be it’s effective punch line. Screenplay of the film is so pacy that it is ready to leave the cinema hall at any given point of time. Actors are facing such a hard time in the film trying to act in the first place but the almost impossible task to keep up with the emotion which is changing by the second in-between scenes.

If this film was written in 24 frames per second, it would take at least 3 parts to attach some drama and expressive emotions in it. Allu Sirish as an actor is so extremely flat-pitched that he almost let a week and a half pass by before he changed his facial expressions. Nonetheless this film has everything in sync, editing is equally pathetic and matches the pitch of the film when it left the basic grammar of putting together of shots behind. Music and lyrics of the film are picked up from Dinosaur fossil hence they have no traces to begin with. Overall one should save their money and precious time by avoiding this film.

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