Officer Movie Review : Ram Gopal Varma is devastating yet another genre

Officer Movie Review : Ram Gopal Varma is devastating yet another genre
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Ram Gopal Varma is one of the very few directors in the country who can’t stop himself from making a bad film knowing that it is a bad film. Varma is on a fringe of some kind where as in he has decided to see how low can he go with his supreme talent. It is almost like he is proud of all the mystique in his pathetic narrative. Officer is nothing but a routine tale that has been pulled over a million times in Telugu cinema and otherwise. Varma still can’t get his head around the fact that other people in this world have a functioning brain.

Nagarjuna started his career with Varma nearly twenty eight years ago in a cult movie called Shiva and this collaboration should have just been limited to that. Nagarjuna and Varma tried to walk the same path with this film almost being a spiritual sequel to Shiva. Though that magic could not be repeated again at all. Nagarjuna tried his best to pull of a rugged cop who himself could not care less about the law. Screenplay of the film has been devised around the very obvious formulaic plot points that have been there since the beginning of time.

Criticizing this film would be an insult to anyone who has ever seen a film because it must have been better than this one. Nagarjuna fans would be highly disappointed from this god damn fractured mess of an  audio-video footage ensemble together by the name of cinema. People are still banking on ram Gopal Varma probably because he works with secret intelligent agencies and has tapped the phone lines of every producer in the town. Nagarjuna is on the last leg of his career and he should be careful about what he wishes for. Overall no one should go and waste their efforts in the tropical climate of this country.

Officer Movie Review : Ram Gopal Varma is devastating yet another genre

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