October movie review: Beautiful, poetic, hypnotic and much more

October movie review: Beautiful, poetic, hypnotic and much more
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Varun Dhawan starrer ‘October’ might just be one of the most poetically satisfying films ever made in Indian cinema. Shoojit Sircar has presented a slow burning candle which is lit till the last bit of wax. One does not only watch October but they are going to have to live with it. A special trait of brilliant films is that they don’t leave the mind of an audience member after he has walked out of the theater but they tend to stay inside of a person like a feeling that might arise anytime in life, October has that quality.

October is like a broken symphony which finds it’s healing in the heart of the chords. Performance by Varun Dhawan is the most deep that he has done so far. Actors in Hindi cinema do not even get the opportunity to dwell this seriously in the role without having to dance in a music video every 25 minutes. This film subscribes to absolutely no notion of a regular song and dance film but still breaks the narrative at interval which is painful to watch because it flows otherwise.

Varun picked up the character of Dan and did complete justice to this complex narrative. Banita Sandhu made her first Hindi film appearance with this one and will be remembered even if she retires tomorrow. Her role is a lot more demanding than Varun’s and she pulled it off with utmost grace. Story of the film is rather simple in the structure but very complex as far as emotional dilemmas are concerned. The plot of the film tests it’s country in a poetic way as they deal with the burden of love. Screenplay is very well sketched and does not spoon feed a thing. Sircar’s direction is on point yet again and ‘October’ deserves the maximum number of audience.

October movie review

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