October box office collection: Varun Dhawan is having 10th hit in a row

October box office collection: Varun Dhawan is having 10th hit in a row
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Varun Dhawan starrer ‘October’ is being hailed as his best film till date and certainly the performance of a lifetime. Varun is celebrated as one of the best actor this country has ever seen post his exceptional portrayal of Danish Walia. Subtlety and nuances in his role can’t even be fathom in a one time watch as there is just so much detailing to it. Dan is one and many people all at once and his sensitivity as a human being is so emphatic towards other people is infectious.

People like Dan are generally not found in this world anymore though they should be because Dan represents what humanity should be like. Film opened to decent numbers and grossed 5.04 crores on Friday. This is the lowest Varun Dhawan opening so far but a film like October is not even designed to be a blockbuster like some of his other films such as ‘Judwaa 2’. October is a very simple, straight yet detailed story of how one person found solace in another when she was not even with him and enough to sideline the important thing of his own life.

On Saturday collections increased to 7.47 crores as the audience started to travel with the incredible word of mouth that is growing around this film. Varun has commanded way bigger openings than this in his career and as never delivered a flop hence October will be his tenth hit in a row from 2012. On Sunday film managed to bank 7.74 crores and the overall weekend total went up to 20.25 crores. It is only India business and film is sure to attract some decent coin from outside India as well because this film would have been nominated for an Oscar if it was released in Hollywood. October will enjoy a good 3 week run of the box office atleast and will manage to be a profitable venture.

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