NTR, Nene Raju Nene Mantri first look: Balakrishna looks majestic in the new poster

NTR, Nene Raju Nene Mantri first look: Balakrishna looks majestic in the new poster

The first look of the film, NTR or Nene Raju Nene Mantri directed by Teja and starring Balakrishna has been released, and it looks very magnetic and eye catching. The biopic, which is based on the life and career of politician, NT Rama Rao, is being touted as an intense political tale. Nandamuri Balakrishna, the son of NT Rama Rao, will be playing him in the movie. NTR’s story is one of the most exciting tales of how a person from  a humble background is able to achieve success and also the love of people. He not only became a successful actor, but went on to become the Andhra Pradesh’s chief minister, a career trajectory that is seldom achieved by people in the film industry.

Before Teja came on board for the project, the controversial and decisive director, Ram Gopal Verma had been eager to make movie on the famous actor/politician. He was keep to explore the yet unseen facets of NTR’s life, the people in his life and his relationships, but the film never came to fruition.

A teaser had been shot before the shooting of the film began, but it was never released, making people skeptic about the nature of the movie itself. The shooting for the movie will soon begin, and there is great speculations that it could be released on the actor’s death anniversary. There has been a lot of buzz around the movie and people are still speculating about the actors who will join Balakrishna. The poster has been well recieved on the social media, as people are liking its color scheme, the shot of public’s arms that are lifted in the air and the font of the title. Hopefully, new details about the movie will soon be released.

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