NTR biopic launched with Venkaiah Nadu and Balakrishna

NTR biopic launched with Venkaiah Nadu and Balakrishna

Biopic of legendary NTR has started the camera rolling with the presence of Vice President Venkaiah Nadu. He came to inaugurate the shoot as Balakrishna was in attire to portray his father NTR who was a cinematic legend though he is also something of a star himself. Grand launch of the film just took place though a massive poster was revealed a few months ago in which a crowd of hundreds was applauding for NTR. NTR was one of the first superstars in the history of Indian cinema with such a massive fan following.

During his acting period, there were mostly mythological films being made and none without NTR practically playing a god in it. His following reached to some heights when people started building temple with his statue in it. Calendars were printed with his face on it to reflect religion for decades because some might claim but nobody has really seen god and there he was with the face of it. NTR biopic was thought of many a times before but somehow never got made because nobody wanted to risk playing the iconic legend.

Balakrishna grew into stardom over the last decade and they finally rolled the film with him on a massive budget because he has loyal fan following now. His last film with Puri by the name of ‘Paisa Vasool’ was a massive disappointment on the box office but to it’s credit the film was very self aware. Teja is directing the film and will take months to encompass a life that grand on celluloid with the same kind of energy as NTR possessed at the peak of his career. Film may or may not possess the downfalls of NTR’s life because biopics in India are not getting into the deep dark zone as it might too controversial to release.

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