Noorondu Nenapu: Kannada film Cast, Crew, Story, Release date

Noorondu Nenapu: Kannada film Cast, Crew, Story, Release date

Noorondu Nenapu, the kannada film, which is based on a novel called Duniyadari written by the Late marathi writer Suhas Shirvalkar, is all set for release this Friday on June 9. This novel was also made into a Marathi film of the same name a few years ago. Noorondu Nenapu is a romantic period drama set in the 1980s and stars Chetan, Meghana Raj, Raja Vardhan, Sushmita Joshi, Yash Shetty and Archana among the ensemble cast.

The plot of this Kannada film set in the 1980s revolves around Shreyas (Chetan) who comes from a wealthy and well to do family, but is hesitant and sceptic when it comes to making friends. He is forced by his family to take admission into a college, where he eventually becomes friends with DSP Dayanand Shankar Pandey (Raja Vardhan) and his group which includes Meenu (Sushmita Joshi) who falls for Shreyas. But Shreyas on the other hand, is attracted to Shruti (Meghana Raj). He later finds out that she is engaged to another man and this leaves him heartbroken. The film is about first love, friendship, betrayal and second chances.

Take a look at the trailer of the film below which has piqued the interest of the audiences.

The retro 80’s feel to this slice of life film directed by Kumaresh.M has been met with great appreciation. The film is produced by Suraj Desai and Manish Desai under the banner 3 Lion Production and the story of the novel has been rewritten by Praveen Sutar who also penned the dialogues for the movie.

Both Chetan and Meghana Raj are considered to be choosy and picky with the scripts they finalise on, so this makes Noorondu Nenapu all the more interesting to look forward to. In Meghana Raj’s words the film is about 6 beautiful people who meet in college and become friends but have different perspectives in life. She is also certain about it being the ‘best summer film’ of the year.

Catch the film in a theater near you from June 9.

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