Nirdosh movie trailer: Arbaaz Khan stars in erotic thriller noir

Nirdosh movie trailer: Arbaaz Khan stars in erotic thriller noir
Written by Abhishek Rana

Nirdosh, directed by Subroto Paul and Pradeep Rangwani, and starring Arbaaz Khan, Manjari Fadnnis and Ashmit Patel has released its first trailer, after releasing its poster yesterday. The trailer looks like an erotic thriller noir, with mystery elements that is surely going to be entertaining for a lot of people. The story is about a detective played by Arbaaz Khan, who is investigating a case in which there seems to be two people who are claiming that they murdered the woman. But, it isn’t clear as to whom of them is telling the truth. There is a lot of violence in the trailer, as people and women are trashed around the room, beaten and shot.

It seems that after a long time being away from the silver screen, Arbaaz is finally coming back to the movies, and has made some choices about the kind of movies he would like to do. The role of the police investigator is something is brother, Salman Khan has done to great effect in Dabangg, and Arbaaz has taken the lead, as he is playing a very different version of the cop. He is presented as ruthless and corrupt, someone who won’t shy before putting a bullet into someone. The actress’ are also looking good, especially Manjari Fadnnis, who is playing a suspect in the movie, and has gotten fed up by the police. She just wants to confess her crime, but there is no murder weapon, which means, the suspect can’t be completely pinned down with a sentence.

Ashmit Patel, who plays a suspect who says that he killed the woman, is also seen having erotic scenes with the actress Maheck Chahal. The movie is scheduled to be released on 12 January 2018, and will appeal to people who are looking for erotic, thriller mysteries stories.


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