Nimir movie review: Priyadarshan’s drama falls flat in 10 minutes

Nimir movie review: Priyadarshan’s drama falls flat in 10 minutes

Nimir is a Tamil directed by celebrated Priyadarshan which is the official remale of 2016 Malayalam hit Maheshinte Prathikaaram. Storyline of both the films are more or less similar though there are some changes made thnking of Tamil region audience who re used to a particular brand of Priyadarshan cinema. Priyadarshan started his career with action films but lately digressed towards comedy in Hindi film industry and after a long time he is back in his action/drama genre. Film is a rural story set in a small village in Tamil Nadu and deals with social stereotypes.

Cultural backwardness shown in the film in the name of caste-ism and love story as a taboo is being seen in thousands of films and Nimir offers nothing new on the subject. Film is very well shot with interesting camera angles and Gothic colors but core plot line si extremely weak and therefore serves no purpose in the cinematic expression of the film. Stalin’s performance is quite subtle and upto the mark but a poor screenplay hides anything good about this film under it’s own mediocrity. Given enough efforts in the story Nimir could have been the modern classic.

Pathetic story of the film is quite ironic because the film is a remake and writer already had a ready film to inspire from but he instead took all the rich content of the film and removed it in the name of translating it for the Tamil audience. Malayalam films are rather experimental in nature and audience is appreciative of novelty in the film though Tamil audience is considered to be a fan of routine nature of story telling which is false because Vikram Vedha was a superhit in the Tamil and Telugu speaking market and screenplay of that film was quite complicated.  Overall Nimir coud just eb a one time watch at best and only for a forgiving audience.

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