Never Again Nirbhaya: Digusting and amoral, this is the worst movie of the year

Never Again Nirbhaya: Digusting and amoral, this is the worst movie of the year

Never Again Nirbhaya is the worst movie of the year, not only because it is badly written, acted and directed, but because most of all, it is disgusting and amoral. The movie is directed by Payal Kashyap and starring, Raju Kher, Anil Yadav, Gehna Vasisth is an abomination that shouldn’t have been made. The movie is based on the terrible nirbhaya Rape case that occurred in 2012, and shocked the nation, as the details about the crime were made public and the culprits were given over to justice, as Nirbhaya lost her life in hospital. The incident was a wake up call for the public, and is not something that should be dramatized with such cheapness.

The movie looks tacky, and the worst, has no sense of subtlety, and picutrizes the rape scenes with such vulgarity that it has to be the worst scene of the decade. Rape is not a joke, and anyone who makes a movie on it should be responsible for how it is presented on the screen. This movie might have wanted to speak something about the incident, and could have seemed to be creating a message movie, but it is drowned in the horrible treatment of the subject matter.

There is nothing about the movie that merits a recommendation, and it will be better to just forget that this thing existed. There are other ways to honor the memories of Nirbhaya, and it shouldn’t be like this. Don’t see this movie and waste your time, better to stay home and watch something good.

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