Netflix introduces cheaper plans for Indian Users; Check more details here

Netflix introduces cheaper plans for Indian Users; Check more details here

Netflix has made changes to its plans and made them cheaper for users to further running their platform in the Indian market. The reason for this is being told that the number of people who see Netflix in India is increasing day by day. The company has said that it is reducing the price of its target plan and adding more subscribers to it. Netflix Chief Product Officer Gregory Peters said, “We are currently experimenting with the price of the plan in India. And this is not just for Indian users, it is also for the whole world where Netflix is being seen. Peter gave this information on the earnings of the third quarter of the video streaming giant during the conference call on October 16. The company said that it is thinking of adding another local language to Netflix.

Net plan and internet connectivity in India have also been quite affordable in last two years, millions of people are connected to this item every day and the top of them is video streaming platforms which include platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar.

Last year, Netflix has raised prices on its mid-tier and premium packages to £7.99 and £9.99 respectively. The company cited its desire to create high-quality original programming content and web-series as the reason for the hike.

Netflix also said that price raises will happen ‘from time to time’ as it adds more exclusive TV shows, movies, and Entertainment Beefs. Considering the basic package only allows viewers to watch one screen in standard definition, we’re not sure exactly what a cheaper subscription will entail.

It may be that you can only watch on a mobile device or you’re limited to the amount of content you can watch in any one go. Or it might be that you have to suffer through the adverts that Netflix is reportedly bringing in.



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