Netaji Bose and the Lost Treasure: A Documentary to shed light on INA treasure

Netaji Bose and the Lost Treasure: A Documentary to shed light on INA treasure
Written by Priyanka sarangi

An original documentary on the mystery involving political leader Subhas Chandra Bose and the disappearance of INA treasure titled “Netaji Bose and the Lost Treasure”, is to be showcased on the small screen. History TV18 is coming up with two new offerings — “India 70 Wonders” and “Netaji Bose and the Lost Treasure” — coming up around the 70th anniversary of Independent India on August 15, a statement from the channel said. “Netaji Bose and the Lost Treasure” will be showcased on August 18 where the secrets, locked away in the vaults of South Block and protected by the Official Secrets Act, will be showcased for the first time on television.

The one-hour special has been filmed in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and Japan. It will also show rare archives as it pieces together the mysteries. “Netaji Bose and the Lost Treasure” will be a combination of present day shots, archival footage, graphics and interviews. The other show “India 70 Wonders”, hosted by actress Huma Qureshi, will go on air on Tuesday.

It will feature inspiring and out-of-the-box stories of India like the cemetery-hotel in Ahmedabad, a barber who drives a Rolls Royce, a 75-year-old woman who has mastered Kalaripayattu, a man who transforms iron nails into art and the like. The show has been split into seven episodes, each showcasing 10 inspiring stories on 70 years of independent India.

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