Nene Raju Nene Mantri trailer hits one millions view within five hours

Nene Raju Nene Mantri trailer hits one millions view within five hours
Written by Karu Cheema

After Award wining performance Rana Daggubati is back with some masala mould in his upcoming movie Nene Raju Nene Mantri. In the striking movie trailer you will see Rana in macho look. Other than Rana, you will find Kajol Agarwal and Catherine Tresa in the main lead. The film is directed by Teja and produced by Suresh Babu. The Trailer starrer political drama. The film is creating lot of buzz as audience is very excited to see Rana Daggubati in new look.

In the trailer the chemistry between Rana and kajal looks extremely superb. Rana looks handsome in the screen presence where he appears wearing while white shirt and white lungi with a smoke in his mouth. Kajal looks good looking in saree getup and seem to have strengthening bond with Rana. Catherine’s is playing role of media reporter with some Challenger girl attitude which is something to watch out. Ashutosh Rana role is still not revealed in the trailer.

The Story of the movie revolves around Jogendra (Rana) and Radha (Kajal Aggarwal) who have beautiful relationship, until a tragedy turns everything wrong. Soon after Jogendra transforms into man with reckless attitude. He even challenges the chief minster in dare devil act. Stay tuned for more update on the movie.

The director of the film have come up with some potential story line this time. The trailer looks very promising and look like thumbs up for actor Rana. Music of the film is given by music composer Anup Rubens. The movie is set to release soon this year, date for the film release is not yet announced.

The banner of the film twitted on the twitter account the movie trailer has already hit five millions view within five hours. Well we all know the movie will earn the good reviews as you can feel the thrill by its trailer.

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