Nawazuddin Siddiqui memoir: The actor gets candid about his affairs, calls himself a ba*tard

Nawazuddin Siddiqui memoir: The actor gets candid about his affairs, calls himself a ba*tard

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s memoir, An Ordinary Life, written with Rituparna Chatterjee has released some excerpts and they’re quite revealing about the personal life of the actor. In the excerpts, the acclaimed actor discusses his first sexual relationship with an actress to more mature relationships, even as he doesn’t soften his own experience and calls himself a bastard.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s first relationship occurred in Mumbai..

“I was performing in a play in Mumbai which was when I finally had my first romantic relationship. Incidentally, she too happened to be an NSD graduate, though we had never met there. It was very sweet, like rain is after a very long spell of drought. Sunita had fallen madly in love with me. Every day, she would come over, hang out at my house in Mira Road and scrawl our names in tiny font all over the wall… Then she went off on a holiday to her hometown in the hills to see her folks. When she returned, Sunita would not take any of my calls. And when she did at last, I was flabbergasted. After such a deep, passionate love, she simply said, ‘Nawaz, you focus on your career. And I will focus on my career.’ She cut off all contact after that and I plunged into another deep, deep depression. I took a bucket of fresh white paint and began to replace her artwork on my walls with the blank canvas that they were before…”

Nawazuddin also details about his relationship with actress Niharika Singh whom he worked with on Miss Lovely..

“Niharika was an intelligent girl. Being an actor herself meant that she knew and understood my struggle for work… She would call me in frequent spurts throughout the day demanding to know of my whereabouts… (Then) The regularity of the questions felt like being nagged non–stop….Niharika obviously expected some of the sweet conversations that lovers have, to take place between us. But I was quite a selfish b*****d. I had a plain aim: go to her house, make out and leave. I couldn’t talk lovey-dovey too much. It finally struck her that I was a rascal who cared only for himself,” he added further.”

So, Nawazuddin’s comments have sent the internet abuzz and there surely be many other revelations that will be waiting the reader when “An Ordinary Life” is released on 25th October.

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