Nawazuddin Siddique starrer ‘Manto’ teaser is out and brutally astonishing

Nawazuddin Siddique starrer ‘Manto’ teaser is out and brutally astonishing

Makers of Nawazuddin Siddique starrer ‘Manto’ came out with a brutally honest take on the man as he was himself. Manto has been in the works for a really long time and Nawaz has been preparing for this character subconsciously for decades as he was doing his plays since National School of Drama. Manto as a man was extremely honest and dangerously arrogant as he was not the one to be mincing words about or under the pressure of anybody. He wrote stuff that emerged with people’s thinking without any filter and reflected the exact nature of era.

Film is having it’s first premiere in Cannes and will get a release in India later this year. Nawazuddin has spoken about playing this character in many of his recent interviews as he felt that portraying Manto and getting inside his skin made him realize that honesty is as difficult as powerful. During the preparation of this character he was writing his own memoir and later regretted somethings he poured out in the form of words to public as they should have been kept in safer part of mind. Not everybody can pay the price of honesty like Manto hence he realized that he should have mentioned some brutal truths about people relating to his life.

Nandita Das has directed the film and her technical superiority is on par in terms of the visuals she has created. Since it is the period film, it needs expertise to design the sets authentically and cinematography looks beautiful. Color tones that have been created in the edit transports the viewer into that era as Nawaz is looking extraordinary as Manto. One of the finest actor in the country is getting the role that he deserves in terms of emotional meat and deepness, as Nawaz might come up with his best performance so far.

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