Nanjundi Kalyana movie review: An often funny mess

Nanjundi Kalyana movie review: An often funny mess
Written by Abhishek Rana

Nanjudi Kalyana, directed by Rajendra Karanth and starring Tanush Shivanna, Shravya, Kuri Pratap, Rajendra Karanth, Padmaja Rao among others is an often funny mess, that could also be a problem for some people. The movie is about a gay marriage, but the gay man is a horrid caricature. If you’re offended by this, don’t look further, as the hero’s whole family is a bunch of loony cartoons who are either too funny or trying to be funny, which depends if they’re good actors or not. The narrative is propelled with a non-story, which then devolves into a mess of forced dramatics and idiocy.

But its often funny, if not because of the effort of the actors, but to see how the disaster enfolds onscreen, which is even more glorious than plot. There is a bit of slapstick, and the usual nostril flaring vileness, which is so badly acted that its shocking how it actually works. The movie is not good, but it does its job.

The twi keadsm Tanush Shivanna and Shravya are perfectly cast, even though their performances can be uneven at times. The supporting cast wildly ranges from great, effective, good to horrendous, but is able to wrench some laughs from the audiences all the same. Watch the movie, but don’t think its saying anything special, or if it is even anything other than trash. But, its funny trash.

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