Nanak Shah Fakir official trailer with makers being lost about the depiction of Nanak Shah

Nanak Shah Fakir official trailer with makers being lost about the depiction of Nanak Shah
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Trailer of Nanak Shah Fakir arrived to much excitement as this first time in the history of world cinema where Nanak Shah has a film based upon him and his life. Makers of the film seemed really lost about the depiction of saint because there is no such thing as an actual face or physique on him. He is described as the universe himself instead of boiling the concept down to one single human who looks and behaves in a certain way. Due tot his controversy a film on him has been banned before already and this one would have met the same fate.

Director basically has no clue of what he is doing because he is depicting Nanak Shah in his story as a white computer generated being which is a light year away from anything sensible. With in the trailer, everybody is pretending to see him normally and talk to him as a fellow human while he is just a white walking shadow and this is so childish. Director could have depicted him as a voice of nature/universe which could have been a guiding light to people around him.

It seems like makers shot an actual person as Nanak Shah and realized that it is a mistake and he can not be depicted in flash and bone so they decided to something which has no meaning to it. One should take up a story if they think that it could told convincingly and not just because nobody has done it. Nobody did it perhaps because they knew that waters are tricky and deep to dive into. Nanak Shah’s story is one of immense humanity made up of sacrifices and valor his own personality depiction in it is just numb to no extent. Film will be coming out on 13 April 2018 in cinemas.

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