Nana Patekar starrer ‘Aapla Manus’ trailer out and it is a cliche

Nana Patekar starrer ‘Aapla Manus’ trailer out and it is a cliche

Produced by Ajay Devgn trailer of Nana Patekar starrer Aapla Manus is launched recently and Nana is playing a cop in the film. Film starts with an old man committing suicide and his son played by Sumit Raghavan with his wife is awfully calm about it till Nana comes and starts investigating the matter. Nana;s character is a stereotypical tough guy cop who does not care about anything when he is on his way of investigation and gives punchlines every moment he can find. It is that angry on society character which Nana is playing for over two decades.

Sumeet Raghavan and his wife are so composed about a suicide in the house that they seem not only like cold blooded killers but also people with psychotic problems. If a police officer is investigating the case of one’s father’s suicide than the son will at least look bothered about the whole incident which is certainly not the point her. With in the trailer Nana spends awful lot of scenes with Raghavan to the extent that they are sitting together in drinking in the house which is a crime scene, which makes Nana seem more emphatic than doubtful about him.

Instead of finding clues Nana just wants Sumeet’s character to confess about the brooding murder while sumeet all the time seems keen in defending himself instead of being at least sad about his father’s death which makes him very suspicious. A trailer which has showcased half the film did not have one scene of Sumeet in remand room inside a police station where cops are talking to him. Nana seems to be the new guest in his house instead of a detective which makes the story laughable amongst the audience. Nana is constantly giving him moral lessons like a preacher instead of simply finding out if he is the one responsible for the death or not.

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