Nakshatram movie rating review : Telugu star Sundeep Kishan in a blatant performance

Nakshatram movie rating review : Telugu star Sundeep Kishan in a blatant performance

Nakshatram is a telugu movie, which is based upon a police officer. Nakshatram is the story of a cop, who does a lot of action to kill bad guys or as one may call it death of originality. Makers of the film made sure that from the first scene of the film audience knows what the entire film is going to be, having a story might have made this one an experimental film and makers did not want to take that chance. It seems as though they were afraid that audience might burn the theaters down in case a millimeter of the script was novel, just kidding there was never a script to begin with.

Actors cashing in on their stardom and image is so 90’s but makers of this film forget where they have put their time machine, probably in the never existed screenplay. Sundeep kishan (lead of the film) played a really angry character, he was 2 inches away from breaking the camera and lighting up the screen on fire. Some film-makers down south are just very irritated because their character can’t jump out of the cinema screen into the audience and beat up some Gunda there otherwise they are afraid that audience might not be able to the understand the depths and layers of the performance. Prakash Raj did something which he can now do it in his sleep, well maybe he was asleep through out this performance.

Director Krishna Vamsi seems to be the guy who binge watches films day and night because that kind of stayed with him. Cinematography of the film was the most brilliant performance ever, camera would have started speaking dialogues if they had moved it a bit more. Editing of the film teaches the viewer that if you speak a dialogue with enough intensity, screen of the film starts to shake, take note actors. Background score of the film was so intense that it will play in the ears of the viewer even after they have left the theater or maybe for a few more days banging the eardrums. Nakshatram is a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of every cop movie. If one does, there must be a VERY important reason to watch this. Take it one Friday at a time!!

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