Nagesh Thiraiyarangam Tamil movie review: Screaming, loudness.. just creepy!!

Nagesh Thiraiyarangam Tamil movie review: Screaming, loudness.. just creepy!!

Most directors get horror wrong but the procedure is so schizophrenic in the making that it is very difficult to understand if the film being made is genuinely terrifying or just plain loud and bad. Every artist needs to have objectivity in their work before they are actually ready to put it out to analyze their work’s worth and it is more difficult to be objective in horror because something which is horror to someone might be a matter of laughable circumstance for another. It seems to be even more complicated than comedy.

Design of this horror film is meant to just shove the scares down the audience’s throat which is certainly not the case with horror because when an audience member builds a wall in his head to not believe in ghosts it would be really difficult to break that and make sure that they are feeling scared as the display of this emotion is embarrassing for some people. Art to keep horror real is to keep it subtle in the first place in order to let the audience in the first half an hour and than slowly drop the beast on them so they walk out terrified.

Now the makers of this film clearly do not associate with any good argument use to make horror films so they put really loud background score and design the scare in a way that even a visually impaired person can anticipate it. Half the affect of a scare is the element of surprise and this film is wide open like a nursery rhyme book for people to just know everything before it has even happened on screen. Performances are mostly terrible because actors are confused that if they are acting for the camera directly or for their co -star in the scene. Overall this one should be downright avoided.

Nagesh Thiraiyarangam movie review

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