Nach Baliye 8 updates: Who got engaged on the show today?

Nach Baliye 8 updates: Who got engaged on the show today?
Written by Priyanka sarangi

The most awaiting dancing show of the week Nach Baliye finally turned up today after audience’s long week wait. This week only five couples were to perform on this stage namely Divyanka and Vivek, Bharti and Harsh, Abigail and Sanam, Mohit and Sanaya and lastly Shoaib and Deepika. Every week we witness the performances on Saturday and eliminations on Sunday, but this week the show had some twists.

This week the theme of the show was Love Ki Dukaan in which the contestants enacted their love story, the way they met, through their dancing. The first couple who performed were the most loved couple of the show, Divyanka and Vivek.

They performed on the song: Tu Na Janey Aas Paas Hai Khuda.

Comments: Got good comments from all the three judges. Everyone was impressed and appreciated that the level of their dancing has now increased.

Score: Got 30 out of 30 marks.

Moreover there was a new thing that happened this week, Divyanka and Vivek met their “matchmaker” aka fans who first made a Facebook account by their combined name #Divek.  The girls Shivani and Sushmita were invited on the show.

The next following couple who performed were the most cute and outstanding couple Bharti and Harsh. Harsh who is a writer by profession says that he is in short of words when he sees Bharti and her innocence. The way she manages everything and loves her a lot.

The song on which they performed was: Mene Jise Abhi Abhi Dekha Hai

Comments: The judges called the performance cute but not up to the mark. The competition is tough and every couple need to reach to that level. Cuteness is not required now in this level- Sonakshi said.

Score: They managed to score 23 marks out of 23.

The most observant judge of the show Terence Lewis stood up and hugged Harsh as he managed the whole performance so well even after forgetting a crucial step in the dance.

The third couple to perform were the hot and happening couple Abigail and Sanam.

The song on which they danced: Nagina Nagina.

Comments: All the three judges were very impressed by their performance. The way Sanam used Abigail as a prop was just outstanding. And Abigail not being a dancer is dancing like a professional dancer to match her choreographer boyfriend Sanam.

Score: They got 30 marks out of 30.

The next performer were Shoaib and Deepika. Today they performed on a topic from which Deepika herself had been through that is an abusive relationship, an emotionally abused relationship and how due to Shoaib she came out of it.

They danced on the song: Oh Mere Hamsafar

Comments: They got very good comments. Everyone was emotionally moved by the performance.

Score: Deepika and Shoaib also got 30 out of 30 marks.

One new thing happened in the show after their performance. Shoaib proposed to Deepika for marriage with a beautiful ring. She was firstly very emotional and surprised and then she said Yes. They finally got engaged today. It was a very emotional and romantic moment in the show.

The last but not the least couple who performed were Mohit and Sanaya. Their performance was outstanding and impactful.

They danced on the song: Raabta

Comments: They were appreciated by the judges for portraying the life journey of a couple from their young age to their old age so beautifully.

Score: They got 24 marks out of 30.

Every week we see that the performances take place on Saturday and the eliminations on Sunday. But this week saw a twist. All the five couples performed and elimination too took place.

The saddest part was the elimination of Bharti and Harsh. All these changes took place due to some issue related to wild card entries. May be tomorrow we could witness some wild card entries. Lets see what happens. Stay tuned and connected with us!!

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