Nach Baliye 8: Who made wild card entry today?

Nach Baliye 8: Who made wild card entry today?

Nach Baliye, a dancing show which every person wants to see every weekend started with a great twist. Love was the mood of the last episode of Nach Baliye 8, and the celebrity couples enacted their own love stories in their performances.Today we witnessed the wild card entries of the couples who got eliminated in the previous weeks. The couples who were to perform were: Pritam and Amarjyot, Brent and Aashka, Bharti and Harsh, Siddharth and Trupti, Monalisa and Vikrant and Manoj and Utkarsha.

Today the theme of the show was Wild Card. Moreover, the show also started with the twist as Yog-guru Ramdev came to support the wild cad couples. The show also had something new to show today, that was the marks of the perfectionist choreographer Terence Lewis. This week it was decided that Mohit and Sonakshi, the two judges among the three, will give their scores to the couples and Terence’s marks will be put in a box and revealed later. In short his marks will make and break the chances of the couples to enter the show.

The first couple to perform were Pritam and Amarjyot. The couple got evicted earlier due to some shortcomings in their dance but managed to come back today and perform again.

They performed on the song: Raat Akeli Hai

Comments: They got good comments from all the three judges and even Ramdev Baba ji also appreciated their performance.

Score: They got 17 marks out of 20

The second couple who performed were Brent and Aashka. Few weeks back, they were very strong contestants but fate did not support and they got eliminated.

Today they performed on the song: Aaja Aaja Dil Nichode

Comments: All the judges were very impressed by the energy level in their dance. Yogrishi Ramdev Ji also appreciated the dance.

Score: They managed to score 17 marks out of 20

After two performances, the third couple to perform was Bharti and Harsh. Even after performing well they got eliminated.

The song on which they performed was: Aaj Ki Raat

Comments: They got very good response from Mohit Suri and also from rest of the two judges Sonakshi and Terence. Ramdev Ji also wished them all the best.

Score: They were rewarded 16 marks out of 20

The next following couple who performed were Siddhartha and Trupti. The most energetic and loved couple made their come back.

They danced on the song: Deva Shri Ganesha.

Comments: They got a standing ovation from judge Sonakshi Sinha. Even Baba Ramdev, who was a guest on the show, appreciated their performance.
Score: They managed to score 19 marks out of 20. It was highest marks till then.
The second last couple to perform were Monalisa and Vikrant. The most hyped couple were seen very confident in their performance.
The song on which they danced: Dhoom Machaley
Comments: Terence defined the performance as full of energy, good presence and the stage coverage as good.
Score: They got 16 marks out of 20

The last couple of all the wild card entries were Manoj and Utkarsha. The couple always performed well and never thought of their age.

They danced on the song: Afghan Jalebi

Comments: They got very good and positive comments from the judges and also from Yogrishi Ramdev Ji.

Score: They scored 15 marks out of 20.

Now after all the performances it was time to see Terence’s marks on which everyone’s fate was depended. One by one Terence dictated the marks he gave to the couples and with all the marks, only two couple who could make it were Trupti and Siddharth and Brent and Aashka.

Everyone was happy and  the show ended with again six couples for the next week. Yogrishi Ramdev Ji presented Patanjali hampers to everyone and gave his blessings to everyone.

The show will telecast next Saturday- Sunday with all the six couples to perform. Stay tuned till then with us!!

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