Nach Baliye 8 11th June 2017: Fun with Salman Khan and Elimination

Nach Baliye 8 11th June 2017: Fun with Salman Khan and Elimination
Written by Karu Cheema

Nach Baliye 8 on 11th June 2017 started with first performance by Sidharth and Trupti, They performed Kathakali on the song Baby Ko Base Pasand Hai.  The act was done brilliantly by both the dancers. Judges were pretty impressed and happy with their performance.  The total points judges gave them were 26, Terrance gave them 8 points, Sonakshi-9 points, and Mohit-9 points.

Some fun took the place as Salman and Sohail teamed with all the girls including Sonakshi in Tug of war against the opposite team of Terrance and Mohit with all the boys. Salman team won.  Later in the show Sonankshi’s birthday was celebrated with the surprise of cake and Sonakshi wished good luck to Salman for his Tubelight movie releasing on 23rd June.

On the bases of last week scores and voting the unsafe couples were Sidharth and Trupti, Sanaya and Mohit. Due to less votes and scores Sidharth and Trupti got eliminated. Last week Mohit challenged everyone that he will give different situation where they have to perform dance accordingly. Mohi had promised to bring the best of his act and was all set to perfrom in the next performance. Today’s scrore will decide who will lead to Grande Finale of season 8, 2017.

Next Challenge was given to Vivek With Divyankya on Ishq Junoon, The song was Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai. The Couple performance was awesome and they got perfect 30. It was their perfect 30 second performance in this season.

Third Challenge was given to Sanam and Abigal on the act of Dushman Zamana (TRAGIC LOVE STORY). The act was superb and they achieved perfect 30. Judges were happy with their brilliance act.

Next challenge was given to Dipika and Shoaib on Passion and Seduction, They performed on Aisa Na Mujhe Tum Dekho Seene Se Laga Lunga.  The couple got full points for their awesome performance. The judges enjoyed their act and looked pretty impressive.

The fourth and final performance was of Mohit and Sanaya on Ishq Meh Sangarsh, They performed on the song was Tu Jo Mila. The coupled scored perfect 30, therefore the challenge came out to be very different and brilliant. The act was very emotional and inspiring at the same time. As love was respected for feelings. The two artist covered the acid attack situation between couple.  They set a great example for involving a live act that convinced the judges and audience to come forward and release the act.

Stay Tuned for more updates and let’s see who gets into the Grande Finale in this season.

Nach Baliye 8

Nach Baliye 8

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