Naa Nuvve movie review: A nice romance movie with charming performances

Naa Nuvve movie review: A nice romance movie with charming performances

Naa Nuvve, directed by Jayendra Panchapakesan, starring Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Tamannah, and Vannela Kishore is a quirky romance movie that nothing more or less to what it says in the trailers. It is a woman named Meera who falls in love with a man named Varun. Both have different character traits and have nothing in common, but still feel attracted to each other. There isn’t a lot of plot twists in the movie, and its a good thing that the makers didn’t over-complicate the narrative. It is also an advantage for the movie that the lead actors are both charming and very at ease with their characters.

The movie is about the relationship between the characters, and it resembles the romantic comedies that were still being made in the beginning of the decade. Those movies only worked if the leads had chemistry, and they were able to draw the audiences in their romance and make them care about it. There are no villains in the story, which is better, because too much time spent for other plots only gives the central characters less to do, which can be fatal for a romance movie. But, here the makers wisely choose to focus on the central pair only, with very pleasant results.

Tamannah and Nandamuri do the same thing, and their scenes together are effortless and without any force. They also look good together onscreen, which helps when you have to sell a movie romance to the audiences. Director Jayendra makes sure the movie is technically fine, and is able to create some beautiful moments in the movie, which are surely going to be remembered by people who like the movie. The movie should be watched by anyone who likes good romantic comedy.


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