My Birthday Song movie review: Worse than a funeral shout

My Birthday Song movie review: Worse than a funeral shout

My Birthday Song is a film about a man who is sort of caught up in time like Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day except it is too dark and majorly senseless. It is suppose to be a murder mystery with one dimensional sense of character and plot. Film is actually Sanjay Suri’s audition tape for serious film makers as he leaves moment to be overtly dramatic on the screen but actually has just maintained one single expression through out the film, which is of shock. With his mediocre acting abilities Sanjay has always represented he bad side of alternate cinema, which is extremely wanna be of mainstream.

Samir Soni is helming the direction chair for the first time and it is a good time to learn the lesson that it is better to assist Ram Gopal Varma. Samir really tried to bring in the Indian indie sensibility of film making to get some credit but overall it is just miserable. Samir’s shot taking of love making scenes is so incredibly B-grade that one may think if he is actually as smart ad knowledgeable as the psychotic thriller that he is trying to make.

Shot cutting in the film from one lens to the another is just awkward for the human eyes and brain and not in a experimental way. Film lost the grip of it’s own screenplay in the first 20 minutes and just wandered around looking for a decent script writer. Samir and Sanjay really tried to sow that they are in the league of Kashyap and Motwane of content driven art house cinema but they are just not as good at what they do for a living. Editing of the film wants to make it so pacy that it forgets the moments that one needs to take while emoting in a scene plus the character graph of sanjay is so all over the place that it will make difficult for viewers to sit down and go through this film in cinemas.

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