Mugulu Nage movie review: Ganesh and Yogaraj work their magic one more time

Mugulu Nage movie review: Ganesh and Yogaraj work their magic one more time
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Mugulu Nage is a Kannada film starring Ganesh in the lead. It is the third collaboration between Ganesh and Yogaraj and so far it has always worked. Mugulu Nage is a simple love story of a boy who wants this girl but she is extremely shy to even admit to her own self. Concept of the film has no novelty in it though director Yogaraj manages to catch glimpses of true romantic spirit between these characters. Film is not stereotyped when it comes to the screenplay bit as it is very free flowing. No efforts have been done to put some character efforts in the actors as they play what they have been playing all this while.

Cinematography of the film does not incorporate any standard of lensing genius instead depend a lot on the color edit of the film. Ganesh’s performance is pathetically ordinary as he tries to act in the film when he just can’t. concept of the film perhaps could have been made better in a parallel universe where people don’t care about box office and commercial aspect of an art form.

Mugulu Nage is confused in every step about the fact that it should show the actual story of just simple entertain people. This film does not have a solid ground for any kind of audience. Disappointment is the second name of this film and soon it will become first. Kannada film industry should look to Malayalam films for progressive cinema.

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