Movies coming this Diwali to theaters near you

Movies coming this Diwali to theaters near you
Written by Abhishek Rana

Diwali is upon us and people are already lining up the celebrations for the auspicious day, making decorations, conducting parties and poojas for the wellbeing of their homes and families. And amid these festivities, Bollywood and Tollywood is also gearing up to deliver potential blockbusters to the people. Two new Bollywood movies would be released on 19th and 20th October 2017 and both have been hyped by the social media and involve major stars who could attract the masses to the theaters.

Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar is one of the most anticaipated movie of the year and will be premiering on 19th October, on Diwali. The movie is a story of a little girl named Insiya, who dreams of becoming a singer and Aamir Khan plays Shakti Kumar, a man who helps her achieve her ambitions. The movie has been described by Aamir Khan as being “Woman Oriented” and looks to the perfect match for a family viewing.

Next up, Golmaal 4, starring Ajay Devvgan and the original co-stars, including Tushaar Kapoor, along with actress Tabu, is going to be released on 20 October, on friday and is being touted as a horror comedy, which could appeal to the younger audiences and people looking for light fun.

Over from Tollywood, Mersal, starring Vijay is going to be finally released on 19th, and has been making waves across south India, because it was scheduled to be released earlier but got derailed because of the Tamil Nadu Theater tax controversy.

Hollywood is going to release Geostorm, a disaster movie starring Gerald Butler in the lead role. The movie would appeal to audience members looking for thrills. And the already in cinemas Blade Runner 2049 is also an option for people who’re fans for sci-fi noirs and beautfiul cinematography.

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