Meesaya Murukku review : Tamil movie is the story of a musical rebel

Meesaya Murukku review : Tamil movie is the story of a musical rebel
Written by Ravleen Khera

Meesaya Murukku review, is a tamil movie based on biographical film of sorts that talks about the difficulties independent musicians face in our country, especially down south, which is fairly conventional as a society.

Cast: Adhi from Hiphop Tamizha, Aathmika, Vivekh, Vijayalakshmi

Director: Hiphop Tamizha

Genre: Musical Romance

Release Date: June 9, 2017

Meesaya Murukku is essentially a romantic musical and the film ventures into the hardships faced by the protagonist who tries to break into the Tamil Independent music scene, fighting the pressure of a conventional Tamil society including pressure from his own family. The film is an autobiography of sorts and talks about Hiphop Tamizha’s arduous journey to become the flag bearers of Tamil Hiphop in the country. There is a beautiful love story woven into the plot .

Considering it is Hiphop Tamizha’s directorial debut, the direction is very self assured and crisp. There couldn’t have been a better director to tell his story, than he himself. He knew exactly, where he wanted to take the film in terms of its narration and mood and he succeeds with it to a great extent.

Newcomer Aathmika, who as we know was finalised when the makers came across her Facebook account, does justice to her role. She is extremely natural onscreen and has great screen presence. Aadi is the most confident debutant in recent history of tamil films. He nails his part. The swagger, style is on point as usual but the emotions are infectious too. He portrays the complexity and attitude of the protagonist incredibly well.

Special mention, to the music album of the film. It is such an add on to the film experience as a whole and lifts the tempo of the film instantly. No wonder the music is such a rage.

All in all, the film successfully manages to strike a chord with its target audience which we all know, is the youth.

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