Movie review of Maatr- Raveena Tandon is back

Movie review of Maatr- Raveena Tandon is back

The first word which came within me when I watched this movie ‘Maatr’ was Wow!!. Raveena Tandon came to screens after five years of break from Bollywood. But it seems that she has been doing movies back to back. Her acting, her expressions are just wow. This rape-and-revenge thriller plays it strictly by the numbers: the heinous crime (involving the gang-rape of a mother and daughter), the aftermath, the wounded woman picking up the cudgels and going after the perpetrators.

There been infinite films made on this theme which tie in standard strands of police procedural. The way they treat a raped women(victim) is just rediculous. This crime thriller shows rape-revenge and how a woman can take the face of Raavan when it comes to her respect and dignity.

The cast and crew of the movie includes:

Raveena Tandon as Vidya Chauhan
Divya Jagdale as Ritu
Madhur Mittal as Apurva Malik
Shailender Goyal as Govardhan Malik
Anurag Arora as Inspector Jayant Shroff
Alisha Khan as Tia
Rushad Rana as Ravi

The director of the film Ashtar Sayed has done a beautiful work by making a movie on a sensitive topic like this. This is the topic which makes people and think deeply what is right and what is wrong happening in our society. But the saddest part is that after making so many movies on women empowerment, there is still no change in our society.

If we come to the soundtrack of this movie then we see that there are 2 songs in the movie: one being “Aisi Hoti Hai Maa” and the other “Zindagi Ae Zindagi”. Both the songs are very beautifully embedded with the story.

Lets have a look at the trailer of the movie to get a clear view.

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