Monsoon Shootout movie review: An exciting and unique, rain drenched noir

Monsoon Shootout movie review: An exciting and unique, rain drenched noir

Monsoon Shootout is an interesting film because it dares to play with the typical Noir narrative that is often the subject of so many movies. A simple shootout here becomes the turning point in the life of a cop, and unleashes various versions of the same moment in his life. Adi (Vijay Varma), is a rookie cop, but he’s also innocent and doesn’t know what to do when he is faced by the decision of shooting an ax mass murderer in front of him. So, the movie pushes to various versions in which he shoots, doesn’t shoot and the murderer runs away and a middle road. The final act of the movie is completely different from what one might expect and in some aspects, it might frustrate the audience too.

Director Amit Kumar is a master of mood, and he captures the city is its disgraceful, moist glory. The shootout takes place in an alley, during rain and the slow motion effects that are employed in the scene are masterful and detailed, creating a dreamlike suspense. Actor Vijay Varma is very good in his scenes, even though his character is a bit cliche and could have used a little more personality than just the title of “rookie cop”. However, Nawazuddin Siddiqui is the star of the show, and achieve’s the same creepy and magnetic effect that made him so menacing and terrifying in Raman Raghav 2. His character doesn’t have a lot of screen time, but Nawazuddin is so good in his scenes that the audience members will have hard time turning away from the most gruesome moments.

But mercifully, most of the violence happens off screen and isn’t just used as way to excite the audience, but also to showcase the monstrosity and consequences of the the actions that are committed by Shiva.

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