Mom trailer out: Sridevi seems to create an impact onscreen

Mom trailer out: Sridevi seems to create an impact onscreen

Mom, a movie which will surely coerce you to think that what the theme of the movie was and will also give you power to choose between the right and the wrong. In the mom trailer we see Sridevi asking the question in the beginning that ‘What will you choose between Wrong and very wrong?’ The question itself is an impact setter and I am sure that the movie will surely create goosebumps.

The trailer shows a true and pure relationship of a parents with their daughters. There are misunderstandings between every parents and children. Being parents they need to understand the child to shorten the generation gap between them. In the trailer we see Sridevi being worried about her elder daughter which is every mother’s nature and duty universally.

However the saddest part was that an unfortunate incident separates Sridevi and and her daughter(Sajal Ali) to the point where there is chance of no return.

The cast of the movie includes:

Akshaye Khanna
Abhimanyu Singh
Sajal Ali
Vikas Verma
Sushant Singh
Adnan Siddiqui
Nawazuddin Siddiqui

In the sudden disappearance of Arya(Sajal Ali) there is an invisible fight that Sridevi is fighting. We see Sridevi doing her best to rectify the relationship with her daughter. That’s when Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Akshaye Khanna come in the scene.

In the trailer we could see Nawazuddin Siddiqui in a very different role of his entire career. He functions in a very shady way. In the trailer we see Nawazuddin in a character of people who come across our life just to solve our problems and then diappear somewhere.

We see Akshaye Khanna in a role also appreciable and sophisticated.  Looking at the trailer we can say that the movie is full of suspense from starting to the end. The movie is slated to release on July 7 but it has very difficult to wait so much.

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