Mohanlal movie review: An ode to superstar’s cathartic stardom

Mohanlal movie review: An ode to superstar’s cathartic stardom
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

‘Mohanlal’ is a Malayalam film which is based upon the name of arguably biggest star in Malayalam industry by the name of Mohanlal. It is not a biopic on him but an ode from the fans who must have grown up watching his blockbuster films. Mohanlal is one of the very few stars in the country who has been able to survive his status for over three decades with changing times and managed to be a good blend of commerce and credibility. Mohanlal not only did blockbusters but highly acclaimed films as well which are classics now.

This film is a story of a girl called Meenutty who has been fascinated by Mohanlal from the child hood by watching his films and collecting his pictures. At that time there was no internet hence she would cut his pictures from the newspaper and save it in her collection. As she grew up her affection towards him only increased and she became an ardent fan of him watching every film first day first show. There is not much to the plot which has anything to do with Mohanlal but story revolves around his fan.

Many in Kerala would be able to relate to this film because Mohanlal actually has massive and loyal fan following who would dedicate their Friday mornings in huge number to stand outside the theater and watch his films. Makers have made use of this stardom to promote their film which is why the title is straight up ‘Mohanlal’ which basically means nothing in relation to the actual story or there is no actual story. Film looks like a bunch of well sketched gags that determine the prowess of Mohanlal’s stardom and in a sequence do not contribute much to a screenplay. A viewing of this film might only be enjoyed by an ardent Mohanlal fan.

Mohanlal movie review

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